About us

At Darca, we believe that every child in Israel’s school system has the right to realize their potential for excellence regardless of their place of residence, parents’ education, or any other environmental factor.

Our mission is to strengthen the underserved communities in Israel’s periphery by creating a groundbreaking enriched and efficient education system. We serve all sectors of the Israeli population regardless of their religion or political affiliations. In Darca schools, students gain access to an educational experience comparable to or surpassing that available in the wealthier communities, thus bridging the gaps in Israeli society.

The Darca Way

Unlike other networks, 100% of state-financing goes directly to our schools + we add 15% in philanthropic funds to level the playing field

We identified principals as the cornerstones for schools` transformation. We thereby focus our resources and guidance on enhancing them and their leading team`s ability to dream and drive success.

Student benefit from cutting-edge pedagogical innovation giving them the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.

We are the sole school network operating exclusively in Israel`s geosocial periphery.

Darca’s Results

Darca has established itself as Israel’s #1 school network according to statistics published by Israel’s Ministry of Education

Bagrut Rates

Darca schools vs. National Average

Bagrut Rates

Darca schools vs. Large Affluent Communities

Darca Schools is driving positive, sustainable change from within the education system in Israel’s geosocial periphery.