Yeshivatit Darca Hamatmid – Kiryat Shmona

Scholastic excellence, personal attention, hands-on support for all graduates of grades 6-8
Yeshivatit Darca Hamatmid is a six-year school that provides quality education to religious and traditional students from Kiryat Shmona and environs. The school encourages each and every student to make the utmost of his personal abilities. The warm family atmosphere and personal attention are the key to growth, development and excellence.

The school is undergoing an upswing of change and progress, triggered by its joining the Darca Network. Under Darca management, the school receives generous resources and support that help in promoting it towards new horizons of quality, uniqueness and excellence.

The school has designed and is implementing a modular program that offers each student a choice, letting him develop and progress in fields of knowledge closest to his heart. Among the study clusters offered are: A program for scientific excellence; a seminary class in collaboration with the Hesder (Arrangement) Yeshiva; and a tutoring system enabling even students with learning difficulties to achieve full scholastic success.

We see each student

We closely observe every child’s progress. We build a personal plan for each student, with the aim of maximizing his chances for scholastic success. Studying is done in small groups. We aim for and achieve a high percentage of matriculating students with good results.

Education for excellence

We run an excellence program in collaboration with Tel Hai College for grades 7 through 12. Students may submit final papers in a range of scientific subjects: physics, computers, biology, chemistry. Studies include a total of 10 units (credits) in science. Students are introduced to their options of academic institutions.

Seminary classes

Enrichment Torah studies, especially for students who are so inclined, in collaboration with Kiryat Shmona Hesder (Arrangement) Yeshiva. Unique activities for students who take part in this program throughout the school year.

High quality social activities – Nature Club

An engaging club that conducts activities in nature and serves as a basis which contribute to our educational goals, with the aim of giving participants tools for life: communication skills, cooperation, team work, team-building and team spirit, independence, and coping with complex assignments and tasks.

Regular music classes and guitar lessons in small groups

If you wish to stand out in the crowd and express your talent, join the school band!

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Contact info: Yeshivatit Darca Hamatmid - Kiryat Shmona

The school principal: Eitan Strassberg

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69 Herzl St., Kiryat Shmona