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Ulpanit Kiryat Shmona is a six-year school in Kiryat Shmona providing an educational framework for religious and traditional girls in Kiryat Shmona and environs. Any girl interested in religious education is invited to join us! The Ulpanit currently has 180 girl students in grades 7 to 12, from a variety of backgrounds in Kiryat Shmona and its surrounding towns. The Ulpanit is a true home for the girls, bridging gaps between the different populations. Its heterogeneous social fabric is reflected in the school’s scholastic, religious and socio-economic aspects. The atmosphere, which encourages closeness and understanding, as well as the personal attention to each girl and encouraging girls to take part in leadership – all these make this school a place full of activity and joy, a homelike atmosphere, a family, a good place to grow up and develop in.

The Ulpanit girls are involved in many areas:

Volunteer activities – responsibility for numerous types of volunteer work in Kiryat Shmona and its surrounding: in the homes of the elderly, special-education schools, soup kitchens, and more.
Scholastic achievements – Ulpanit students graduate with excellent matriculation results (with an average grade of more than 80 in the past 3 years, and over 95 in the 2009/2010 school year). In recent years some Ulpanit students received letters of commendation from the Ministry of Education for being outstanding graduates.
Social activities – The school’s social education staff, together with the girls, create a wide range of activities focusing on different annual subjects. The activities include trips, outings, talks, seminars and so on, with much emphasis on a family atmosphere and feeling of togetherness.

In the 2011/2012 school year our school won the National Religious Education Award. This award was given to the Ulpanit in recognition of its overall activities – educational, scholastic, value-based and community-oriented – following an in-depth evaluation of all the excellent scholastic achievements and activities at the school, and after a visit by a professional reviewing committee.

In recent years, the Ulpanit has been undergoing a change, “from a school to a place”, with the intention of empowering the students, educating them to leadership and encouraging them to become a central factor in the decision-making process on issues concerning the running of the school.

What does “a place” mean?

“A place” opens the door to all Ulpanit students, giving them a way to establish partnership with the Lord.
The main idea is to change the conventional concept of the teacher as educator and to give the girls a place to fill, a role, in the educational process. When a teacher fills this space, no one else does anything else. However, if the teacher actively makes way – with curiosity, expectations, open mindedness, availablity – he creates a space, a place. The place we want to reach gives the students extra space in which to be creative, to act, to initiate, to think; with the understanding that it is our role to let these girls find their place, grow up and grow new life.

The Ulpanit’s Vision

Ulpanit Darca Kiryat Shmona exists and operates to instill in its students good manners, keeping the faith and observing mitzvot, as a basis for an educational environment, while internalizing values and assuming personal accountability.
The Ulpanit girls shall be religiously observant, proud to be part of the Ulpanit, and will keep up the mitzvot out of a spiritual commitment
The Ulpanit shall maintain an atmosphere of elation in work and in coping with tasks, and all through a togetherness, mutual respect and mutual aid.
The Ulpanit is a place full of happy girls who love to study and widen their horizons, a place that is stimulating and interesting, promotes curiosity and teaches independent learning. Its methods are adapted to the needs of all the students, while making the most of their individual abilities.
The Ulpanit upholds a trusting relationship between the students and the teachers.
The Ulpanit’s vision is clear to all, and affects both newcomers and the continuing students in their behavior in this place. All who come within its gates behave in an appropriate, civilized manner, showing respect to one’s fellow man, to the value of every human being, and to Jewish tradition. All Ulpanit staff uphold a worldview in line with the spirit of the Ulpanit.

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Contact info: Ulpanit Darca - Kiryat Shmona

The school principal: Naftali Kraus

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54 HaNasi St., Kiryat Shmona

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