Shitim Darca – Arava Tichona

The Central Prairie (“Arava Tichona”) Shitim Darca School

Main objective and programs:

Striving to produce well-educated graduates with Judaism, Zionism, Israeli and universal values, including nature and environmental preservation awareness, Shitim Darca incorporates contents and methods of study and research in the region of Arava community at large, advocating personal accountability in the school and in the community, while promoting gifted and struggling students alike.

Special social programs:

The Green Shachak (stands for communal and educational inclusion) – a social-communal program of the Administration of Rural Education):

Through collaborations with local artists, teachers, parents and the local council’s environmental department, the students take part in projects to improving school’s appearance.

The tutoring project – middle school students tutor elementary students.


Special learning programs:

Writing final papers on relevant local subjects in agriculture and tourism.

The school’s sports club.

Educational greenhouse.
Small in scale yet large in achievements:

Mathematics and English – about 50% of the students are in the 4-5 units programs in mathematics, and 77% of them take the 5 units course in English.

Sports – the school’s athletic team won the regional championship and participated in the nationals, where the cross-country team reached the national finals.

Chemistry – several years ago, the school was awarded an honorary citation by MoE’s chemistry general supervisor for reaching an above 90% matriculation average.
Special projects:

The Torch Relay

“Derech Chaim”

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Contact info: Shitim Darca

The school principal: Nadav Martell

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Sapir, Arava Tichona