Rene Cassin Darca, Jerusalem

The six year school was established in 5710 (1950) and joined the Darca Network in the 5774 (2013-2014) school year.

The Darca Renee Cassin High School has approximately 950 students who enjoy a variety of expanded (5 study unit educational) concentrations: French, literature, social sciences, art, cinema, theater, music, chemistry, physics, biology, management and finance. The students put together their course of study personally and according their talents, and there is a challenging personal course of studies for excelling students.

In addition to the course of studies, there is a weekly activity day in the school in which activities and workshops are provided to the students in values based subjects as well as topics on social involvement, lectures on actuality topics and theatrical, musical and dance shows. On this day, the students are able to engage in informal interaction with their teachers in combination with educational and social content.

The school also offers students touring days in university laboratories, unique workshops in enhanced subjects, a library and program for borrowing books. All this is alongside maintaining physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories.
The administrative and education staff at the Darca Renee Cassin High School acts to develop the student’s personality as an autonomous person and to deepen their awareness and involvement in realizing the values of man’s dignity and liberty.

In accordance with the school’s educational approach, the following objectives were set:

1. To make it possible for the student to learn and develop in a safe, fair and cultivating environment.
2. To develop the student’s thinking and critical abilities by presenting subjects while analyzing and understanding the facts. Thus, the student is permitted individual choice and decision which assists in formulating their individual world view.
3. To permit the student to become familiar with various and differing fields of knowledge and culture in order that they be capable of choosing a field which interests them in which they wish to develop.
4. To try to increase the student’s self-awareness by addressing all of the subjects and doubts which occupy his thoughts as one who is growing up and which influence his emotional development.
5. To develop learning skills required to advance the student as an autonomous studier able to satisfy his intellectual curiosity and to strive for knowledge and understanding of new subjects.
6. To assist the student in formulating his individual identity by means of intellectual and experiential study of Judaic and Israeli culture and its values.
7. To expose the student to experiences in many and varying fields of culture to the greatest extent possible and to train him to be a refined consumer of culture during his free time.
8. To expose the student to events which take place in the country and in the world in order to permit him to hear a variety of opinions, deliberate on events while becoming familiar with the facts and formulating an individual opinion based on understanding and knowledge, with understanding and appreciation of different and contrary opinions.
9. To permit every student to exercise his right to study and develop and his own pace in his social environment.
10. To narrow educational gaps and at the same time, maintain an aspiration to cultivate excellence.
11. To develop awareness of the environment and to safeguard and maintain values of nature.
12. To implement learning patterns in the technological tools which are available to the school.

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Contact info: Rene Cassin Darca

The school principal: David Golenzer

School Secretariat:


4 Karl Neter St., Jerusalem