Netivei Noam Darca Religious Educational Campus – Gedera

A six-year school for religious and traditional students in Gedera and its surroundings, for all sectors of society. In its approach to education the school is open to many subjects, allowing students to flourish and develop strong values, think creatively, and become mature educated people connected to the values of their heritage as well as universal values.

The school instills in students values of social involvement, giving back to their community, knowledge and love for their country, and works to strengthen students’ feelings of belonging and respect for democratic values. This social and cultural richness creates an academic atmosphere that welcomes each student according to his ability and prepares him for life.

The school operates like a big family that combines different and varied populations, Torah and good manners, strong students and those who require additional help, those who are strict in their observance of the Torah and those who need to be brought closer to their religion.

The school staff believes that only within a supportive, challenging and educating family can high academic results be achieved and each and every student’s potential fulfilled.

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Contact info: Netivei Noam Darca Religious Educational Campus - Gedera

The school principal: Orit Shalev

School Secretariat:



Witzman 25, Gedera

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