Maxim Levy Darca High School – Lod

The Maxim Levy Darca High School, a four-year high school, is located in Lod’s Ganei Aviv quarter. Most of its students live in that area, but a considerable number are bussed in from other parts of town, courtesy of City Hall.
The school boasts a friendly, intimate atmosphere characterised by personal, caring attention to each and every student. An entire array of professionals do their utmost to provide every student with suitable solutions of all types — scholastic, personal and emotional. The school offers any students who need it extra help in their school work, while affording excelling students the chance to develop and shine. Our school is known for its professional teaching staff who provide students with caring support throughout their studies.
The school consistently plans and carries out social activities and events that are both enjoyable and contribute to the school’s team-spirit, based on the understanding that despite the pressure on students to study and achieve high results, they are still young people who ought to enjoy life, get to know their country through trips and outings, and bond with one another through value-based, team-building activities.
Due to its view that the school should strengthen the motivation to serve in the IDF, the school offers a wide range of activities aimed at preparation for the IDF, providing students with information about the IDF, its structure, corps, and the various options it offers for a meaningful and useful service.
The 2011-2012 school year is the first year that Maxim Levy school is operating under the auspices of the Darca Network.

Chief Educational Concepts of Maxim Levy Darca High School

The school’s primary vision is to become the number one choice for residents of the quarter, while also attracting Lod residents from other parts of town. Paving the way for this vision is based on a meticulously conceived and executed work plan that strives to improve and perfect scholastic achievements. The plan relies heavily on providing maximum aid to any students requiring extra help in their school work, while affording excelling students the chance to fulfil their potential. The school aims to enable all its students to reach high quality matriculation results.
Another target high up on the school’s agenda is new immigrant absorption. Our aim is to instil the best of Israel’s values in adolescent new immigrants, strengthening their identification with the State of Israel, while respecting their native culture.
The school strives for a unique school culture that is typified by good manners, inclusion, guidance, mutual respect, and ongoing dialogue with students and their parents.
Realizing our vision will create a school rightfully perceived as pleasant, high-quality, high-achieving and desirable.

School Targets
  • Creating a pleasant, welcoming and courteous atmosphere
  • Creating a value-based educational system, founded on reinforcing the link to the State of Israel
  • Ongoing dialogue based on mutual respect between students and teachers and personal attention
  • Success in matriculation exams, aspiring to high-quality matriculation certificates
  • Fostering excellence through unique study tracks and after-hours enrichment programs
  • Commitment to the Orchot Haim document (moral guidelines) at school
  • Strengthening ties with students’ parents and with the local community in general
  • Encouraging enlisting in the IDF for meaningful service, through comprehensive pre-IDF introductory activities
Science Tracks

Software Engineering

Art & Social Studies Tracks

Social Studies (Sociology, Psychology)
Media & Cinema

Physical Education

Gym specialization – Graduates of this track receive, in addition to a matriculation certificate, a certificate of a gym instructor

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Contact info: Maxim Levy Darca High School

The school principal: Mali Elias

School Secretariat:



9 Aharon Lublin St., Ganei Aviv, Lod 71450

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