Makif He’ Darca – Ashqelon

Darca Ironi Heh high school (municipal high school) was established on Sept 1st, 2010, 22 Elul 5770 as a growing high school. The school currently has 218 students in seven 8th grade classes, plus 180 students in six 7th grade classes; plus a teaching staff of 40.

Rabbi Carlebach said: “Each child needs at least one adult who will believe in him.”
This brilliant sentence is the moral compass for our educational, value-based work, and guides us in everything we do.

The population of students in our establishment is highly diverse, creating a multicoloured puzzle that poses a fascinating challenge to the teaching staff

Our Educational Vision

Excellence as quality routine

The school shall be a safe, protected abode that provides a climate of personal and social growth
  • Belief in every student’s personal abilities
  • Serving as a role model, providing a personal example as a way of imparting values
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Sense of belonging and esprit de corps
  • Optimal educational climate
  • Awareness of multiculturalism
  • Dialogue as a way of life
  • Love and respect for one’s fellow man
School Goals
  • Developing a pedagogical and disciplinary infrastructure
  • Fostering an organizational culture (planning, executing and control)
  • Deepening social & community involvement
  • Strengthening Jewish identity and increasing heritage studies
  • Improving students’ scholastic achievements and their quality
  • Empowering the human resource
Teaching and Learning
  • Nurturing Excellence
  • Preparatory class in math, physics and culture
  • Municipal excellence – a school for gifted children & youth
  • Robotics
  • Excellence in mathematics
  • Kdam Atidim track [a program promoting outstanding youth from the periphery)
  • Excellence 2000
  • Narrowing the educational
  • Nachshon project (virtual mentoring for youth in the periphery)
  • Ye’adim program (math, English, written & oral proficiency, science)
  • Learning strategies – Maslulim (institute for learning skills)
  • ELAH program for locating and assisting students with learning difficulties
Value-Based Social Education
  • Young leadership (youth movements, student council)
  • School newspaper
  • Strengthening Jewish identity through collaboration with like-minded bodies (HaRuach HaYehudit – The Jewish Spirit; Am Israel Echad – Jewish Education & Continuity; Morasha – network for Jewish heritage and
  • social involvement; Memizrach Shemesh – religious seminary for social leadership)
  • Ceremonies on remembrance days
  • Social involvemet
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Contact info: Makif He' Darca - Ashqelon

The school principal: Dalia Rahamim

School Secretariat:



18 Hazionut St., Ashkelon

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