Hammer Darca High School – Bat Yam

The Hamer-Darca high school is a science school for religious boys in the city of Bat Yam.

Hamer-Darca is a 6 year high school (grades 7-12), catering to the religious communities in the greater Bat Yam. A 10-year-old institution, Hamer-Darca offers its students a variety of academic levels, striving to help them realize the full potential of their academic and social skills. Hamer-Darca is considered one of the best school in Bat Yam.

The Excellence program: the students in the excellence classes are on the 5-units course in mathematics and physics, and are referred to leading academic institutions in Israel, such as the Weizmann Institute of Science. Most of Hamer-Darca’s excellence program graduates go on to quality higher education avenues. The excellence program starts in middle school, where the students in the excellence class participate in quality research and enrichment activities.

The pre-military “Shocharim BeMadim” program with a specialty in electronics and C&C systems:
The students are in an academic matriculation program, and are eligible for a technological matriculation certificate (Bagrut) in their major as well. As part of this program, students are required to take theoretical subjects and submit a final project in their major, entitling them to the technological diploma. The students in this program go directly to IAF-funded continuance programs for technicians/practical engineers and serve in the IAF in technological capacities. If deemed suitable, some of them may go on to serve in the standing military as professionals.

The Diamond program:
This unique program provides a solution for students who have lagged behind in middle school. The extended teaching and educational staff create a unique and intensive study plan for each student and provide personal support. The Diamond program coordinator is the person students turn to when they need something – anything – both academically and personally.

In keeping with its core belief and statement “There is no such thing as a student who can’t”, the Diamond program boasts a unique pedagogical platform as well as a student mental empowerment plan.

Highly attuned to students and a great drop-out preventer, the Diamond program has received tremendous accolades from the Ministry of Education.

Zionism and Jewish teachings and tradition are high priorities and a big part of the curriculum. Jewish legacy and social awareness are emphasized in all school activities, such as Havruta study (refers to a rabbinical format of studying in pairs), Beit Midrash studies on the first of each month (Rosh Chodesh), Shabbat and Holydays prayer services in the school, opening the Beit Midrash in the afternoon, going on tutorial and annual hiking tours, encouraging students to give back by doing volunteer work in activity centers in Bat Yam, including community events which the students help to produce.

The Hamer-Darca school is unique in its family and community orientation and in its personal approach. Each student is encouraged to set their individual goals – both academic and personal – and, accompanied by the educational team and the supportive community, they get the opportunity to spread their wings and soar.

As part of preparation for military service and grown-up life, many of Hamer-Darca’s graduates go on to supplementary programs, such as Yeshivot (rabbinical schools for Jewish studies), pre-service preparatory schools and the academic reserve program. The school maintains contact with, and accompanies its students during their military service, and the graduates have a warm spot for the school for many years after graduation.

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The school principal: Noam Sasi

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Borochov 10, Bat Yam