Gymnasia Darca, Kiryat Malachi

The Darca Gimnasia High School was founded at the end of the 1960’s and is the only post elementary educational institution in the city which provides an option for the city’s population which seeks public education. As such, the school must address an extremely heterogeneous population and a vast array of needs.

The school houses some 700 students of which approximately 80 are students from the region who are college students. There are some 100 teachers and staff members. The school has 27 classes, approximately 4 classes for each grade. In the upper classes, despite the small number of students – which makes the opening of a variety of concentrations difficult – the school offers valuable concentrations: physics, computer electronics, industry and management, communications, administration and electrics. It is important to us that every student leaves the school with the tools which he or she requires.

Within the school, there is a science center and a Payis cluster which serves the city’s students in general and the school’s students in particular, and a college which specializes in electrical and electronics subjects.
The school’s primary role is to be a stable anchor for our students – a house of learning, values and pedagogy. The school places an emphasis on the teaching of national, Jewish and humanist values, together with placing an emphasis on the promotion of achievements and the diminishment of gaps.

The school has extensive programs, both in the middle school as well as the upper classes, to assist students with difficulties on the one hand and the advancement of those who excel on the other. In this spirit the school guides to excellence in accordance with the individual personal abilities of each student.

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Contact info: Gymnasia Darca, Kiryat Malachi

The school principal: Michal Hazan

School Secretariat:


34 Safra st., Kiryat Malachi