The Clair and Emanuel Rosenblatt English Center – Tirat Carmel

Darca operates independent learning centers for English in many schools, such as Tirat HaCarmel and Ramla.

The center’s teachers adapt their teaching contents to the students’ curriculum. The students visit the centers with their own English teachers at least once a week, and enjoy versatile and creative activities in small groups. Among these activities are films, arts & crafts, drama, music, interactive computer work, sports, games etc. – and everything is in English.

The learning centers are open for after school activities, such as different enrichment classes (Hugim), help with homework and in studying for exams, etc. The learning centers are there to improve students’ achievements in English, and they collaborate with the association’s professional team, the local authority, the MoE’s supervision as well as the school’s teachers and management.

The Clair and Emanuel Rosenblatt English Center

Located in Tirat Carmel on Mount Carmel’s western slopes, This English learning center was founded in 2002 by the Youth Renewal Fund Association, the YRF and the local municipality, with the financial support of its namesakes Clair and Emanuel Rosenblatt foundation. Located in the Yigal Alon elementary school campus, this center occupies its own separate building and provides educational services to all the schools and elderly population of Tirat Carmel.

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Contact info: The Clair and Emanuel Rosenblatt English Center - Tirat Carmel

The school principal: Yael Shor

School Secretariat:

Weizman St. 18, Tirat Carmel