Ethan H. Freed Learning Center – Ramla

Darca operates independent learning centers for English in many schools, such as Tirat HaCarmel and Ramla.

The center’s teachers adapt their teaching contents to the students’ curriculum. The students visit the centers with their own English teachers at least once a week, and enjoy versatile and creative activities in small groups. Among these activities are films, arts & crafts, drama, music, interactive computer work, sports, games etc. – and everything is in English.

The learning centers are open for after school activities, such as different enrichment classes (Hugim), help with homework and in studying for exams, etc. The learning centers are there to improve students’ achievements in English, and they collaborate with the association’s professional team, the local authority, the MoE’s supervision as well as the school’s teachers and management.

Ethan H. Freed Learning Center – Ramla

The Ethan Freed English Center in Ramla began operating in December of 2011, with English as a second – not foreign – language as its vision.

During a visit to Israel in 2007, the Freed were invited to the Clair & Emanuel Rosenblatt English Center in Tirat HaCarmel. Their 13 year old son, Ethan, was deeply impressed with the center and with the students. Shortly after that, Ethan had suddenly passed away, and the family chose to commemorate him by giving expression to his last visit to Israel. Since its founding, the Ethan Freed English Center has helped many students to learn the language.

The center operates under a holistic systemic concept, maintaining close reciprocal interaction with MoE’s general and English supervision and with school principals, English teachers, municipal officers and entities such as the Israeli Association of Community Centers, the Shfela Campus and the Payis Cluster.

Ethan H. Freed 1993-2006

Suzan and Jeffry Freed have been a part of the YRF activity for many years; they had initiated the English learning center in memory of their son Ethan, who died un-expectantly in 2006.

Just a few months before, they had visited Israel with their children, Ethan, Adam and Alex as part of Ethan’s Bar Mitzva celebrations. During that trip, they visited the Clair and Emanuel Rosenblatt English Center, where Ethan showed great enthusiasm and rapport with the students. The visit was supposed to be a brief one, but turned into several hours of work and play, after which Ethan declared that his Bar Mitzva would be about the YRF. Ethan died less than a month after his Bar Mitzva and his family decided to commemorate him in a way that would express his generosity, openness, tolerance and warmth towards other children.

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