Dr. Gil Pereg – CEO

Dr. Pereg was the principal of Blich High School between the years 2004-2011. He was recognized as an outstanding principal by the city of Ramat Gan. Prior to that, he was the principal at Amit High School at Bar-Ilan University.
Dr. Pereg has a doctorate from Northeastern University. His doctoral thesis was about effective practices of successful principals in Israeli high schools. He has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University and a Masters in Jewish Philosophy (with honors) and a law degree from Bar Ilan University.
Dr. Pereg is a graduate of the Wexner and Eisenhower leadership programs and is the co-chair of the alumni association of the Eisenhower program in Israel. He previously headed the alumni council of the Wexner program in Israel and served on the board of “Avney Rosha”, the Israeli Institute for School Leadership.

Mor Deshen, Ph.D. – Senior VP, Pedagogy

VP Pedagogy and VP R&D at AMIT educational network;
Held positions at the Command and Staff at the IDF Education Corps, including commanding the "Sharei Abraham" Youth Divisions.
Ph.D . in Information Sciences from Bar-Ilan University, and a part time lecturer.
M.Ed. in Education from Liverpool University (England), and a B.A. in Computer Sciences and Criminology from Bar Ilan University.
Graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership

Dr. Noam Seri – VP, Social Education

Dr. Seri was the educational administrator at the Department of Identity Programs at Beit Morasha in Jerusalem. He was the principal at the Amit Gush Dan High School, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan and was an advisor and mentor for principals in the area of improving school climates. Dr. Seri has both a PhD and a master’s degree (with honors) from the interdisciplinary Department for Culture and Interpretation at Bar Ilan University.

Dalia Cohen – VP, Development

Mrs. Cohen was the CEO of the Hadassah youth village and of the Mevo’ot Eiron Educational Institute. Mrs. Cohen was in charge of the youth mission program at the Jewish Agency and was CEO of the “Games and Sports” company. She has a Master’s degree (with honors) in financing and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Mrs. Cohen is also a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

Alice Goren, CPA - CFO

Head of the accounting division at the "Weizmann Institute for Science" and responsible for the organization's unified financial reports, payment system and accounts management (accounting). In her position, she led organization-wide projects, represented the organization's supreme tenders committee and was responsible for making internal auditing work practices more efficient. In the past she served as deputy to the chief accountant at "Hugla Kimberly Marketing" and managed audit cases at the Somech Heikin Accounting Firm (KPMG's representatives in Israel). She holds a Bachelors degree in finance and accounting from Ben-Gurion University and is a licensed accountant from Bar Ilan University.

Malca Meir – Human Resources Manager

Assistant Principal and pedagogical coordinator of Blich High School, Ramat Gan; pedagogical coordinator at AMIT technological school, Dan Region, Bar Ilan University. Ms. Meir has a Bachelor’s degree in education, administration and supervision track and criminology and a HR Manager’s certificate from Bar Ilan University.

Adv. Dana Naor Mandal - Director, Partnerships and Fundraising

Head of the Israel Women Network's legal department; leading policy promotion and directing a women's rights clinic in the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. She was the manager of a Sexual Harassment Prevention project for the Shatil Organization and the Rape Crisis Center. She also served as legal assistant for Judge Hanan Meltzer in the Supreme Court, having done her internship in his chambers and in the State Attorney's HCJ department.
Ms. Naor-Mandal has a Master's degree with distinction in gender studies, as well as a Bachelor's degree with distinction in law and state sciences – both from TAU.
During her military service, Ms. Naor-Mandal served as legal reporter for IDF's radio station Galei Tzahal.

Lior Sima – Operation Manager

Deputy Central Command Supply Officer; Assistant Supply Officer, Judea and Samaria Division. Recipient of two IDF Corps Awards of Excellence during his IDF service. Holder of a Master’s degree in Logistic Management from Bar Ilan University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Economics from Bar Ilan University, through the Academic Reserve Program.

Boaz Ozery – Marketing and Communications Director

Social Media manager and Resource Development in the Youth Renewal Fund – YRF Israel; Project manager in the field of Advertising and PR amongst commercial clients and social and public bodies; A social activist at Ayalim Association operating for the geo-social periphery development in Israel. Bachelor's degree (with honors) in Marketing and Communications from Bar-Ilan University, a Master's degree in Philosophy, Information and Digital Culture, Tel Aviv University.

Violet Gez - Pedagogical Development Manager

Principal of Rene Cassin High School in Jerusalem (1995-2014), Education Prize Laureate for the year 2010; Principals' mentoring within the framework of "Avney Rosha" (The Israel Institute for School Leadership), expertise in theoretical and practical bridging and group guidance; Systemic Director at "Avney Rosha".
M.A. in Education Administration and B.A. in Hebrew Literature and Arabic Language and Literature, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Revital Levgoren – Pedagogical Development Manager

Principal of Blich High School in Ramat Gan, in the years 2011-2015.
Ms. Lev-Goren received the Ramat Gan Municipality award for outstanding school principal.
Ms. Levgoren has held several executive positions prior to becoming Principal: vice-principal, pedagogical manager and grade level coordinator.
Ms. Levgoren has a Master's degree in Management from the Fairleigh Dickenson University in the US, and a Bachelor's degree with distinction in English Linguistics from Tel Aviv University.

Sharon Neumann-Hecker - Manager of Social Education

Director of training at the Youth Renewal Fund- YRF Israel. Director of training department at Re'ut Association; Manager of the training array at Gishot Center; Guidance and consultancy of work teams and supporting and training principals.
M.A and B.A in Law from the Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities; Senior coach and advisor.

Neomi Gruder - manager of the wage & salary department and project manager

VP of Finances of the Youth Renewal Fund (YRF).
Ms. Gruder is highly experienced and knowledgeable in financial systems management, specializing in process motivation, primarily for the area of profit generation in companies.
Ms. Gruder has a Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in industrial engineering and management.

Ronen Avraham - Accountant

A senior manager in the accounting firm of Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP, in New York, USA, he managed several task teams and supervised clients' portfolios in various industries, dealing with auditing, consolidation of statements, accountancy, financial management, mergers, acquisitions and risk managements.
Mr. Avraham served as a senior manager in an Israeli accounting firm with the Baker Tilly International Network. He also supervised auditing files of public companies, including issues, tax statements and internal audits.
Mr. Avraham is a licensed accountant-auditor.

Irit Grobman - Director of Budgets

An economist at the Department of Budget and Control, Amal Network
M.A in Business Administration, the Open University; B.A in Economics and Management, The College of Management, Rishon LeZion.

Karen Levy - Events and Welfare Manager

Director of the import-export business for 10 years in Israel's leading car market.
Graduate of "Trade and Export" from the Israel Export Institute.