Darca Nachala Ulpana School – Elad

Nachala is an Ulpana – an expanding, religious, traditional high school for girls. During the 2012-2013 (5773) school year, the school will teach students in grades 7 to 11.

The goal of the ulpana is to educate religiously observant girls who have a stable world view rooted in their heritage, faith and nationality; girls whose personality combines good character, good manners, a desire to contribute and develop, and who wish to make the most of their academic potential.

The school employs a team of professional, trained, and dedicated teachers, who have the girls’ best interest and success at heart, both personally and academically. The ulpana staffs operate like a family, in a relaxed atmosphere, in harmony and joy. The individual attention each student receives is a core principal that the staff believes in and adheres to.

The school emphasizes academic excellence, while trying to allow each student to maximize her potential. Through a rich and varied curriculum (in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines) each student can work towards graduating with an excellent matriculation certificate which will become the springboard for any future path she may choose.

Social, value-based, traditional activities are an important, inseparable part of education and are a key element in the ulpana’s tenet of striving for excellence.

“Mercy shall be built up forever” – giving and charity are among the main values taught in the ulpana through a variety of charity activities. Through volunteer work, charity is better instilled in the students’ hearts and will remain with them for the rest of their lives as successful creative women.

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Contact info: Darca Nachala Ulpana School - Elad

The school principal: Sigalit Shindler

School Secretariat:



Avtalion 16, Elad