Darca Ilan and Asaf Ramon High School – Gedera

The Ramon high school, established in 2009, is named after the late Ilan and Asaf Ramon, and espouses the values of sensitivity, excellence and giving. The school’s management includes: Ms. Hanna Cohen, principal of the six-year program; Ms. Suzie Levian, principal of the middle school section; and the deputy principal Ms. Ruthie Na’im. These three are supported by the social coordinator, Ms. Keren Shalom; the year coordinators, the school counselors, and the devoted administrative staff.

As of the 2012/2013 school year, the school has changed ownership and is now in the capable hands of the Darca network. Darca is actively engaged in supporting, assisting, planning, and answering the school’s needs, along with the Local Council which is also involved in the school’s activities, taking an interest in each student and providing support.

The Ramon high school has grown into a six-year school. Some 730 students are enrolled in the school for the year 2012/2013 in grades 7 through 11. As befits its credo, the school is characterized by volunteer work in the community; by the drive to empower each student, encouraging them to make the most of their abilities; and by a wide range of educational projects that fulfill the school’s values. Among these projects are: Excellence 2000; Ziv Ne’urim – a program aimed at minimizing school dropouts; Fundidact – a program emphasizing science for middle school students; Ta’asiyeda; Nachson program for high school. In addition, the school boasts an active student council.
The school has introduced into its curriculum subjects not previously taught, such as Shealch (acronym for Field, Nation, Society) that includes tours of the country aimed at deepening students’ knowledge of the country while strengthening identification and attachment; and music studies for suitable youth.

Part of the school’s credo is teaching critical thinking. In line with this approach, 10th grade students will begin Gender Studies as of the coming school year.
As part of the school’s growth, this is the first time the school will also function as a high school, rather than only a middle school. The high school division offers a wide range of interesting tracks, such as: Media/Video Production; Social Sciences; Geography; Arabic; Jewish Thought, Physics, Biology, and Computer Science. The Software Engineering track curriculum has been developed and is awaiting formal approval.

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The school principal: Hana Cohen

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Shderot Menahen Begin 51, Gedera