Darca High School – Netivot

Darca Netivot High School has set for itself the goal of achieving the position of one of the best schools in the region within the next few years.
At the same time, we invest efforts in students with learning difficulties and help them make progress, each according to his or her personal capabilities. Netivot Comprehensive has recently joined the Darca Network of high schools, which constitutes part of a series of educational solutions provided by the Rashi Foundation, whose programs target children of all ages, beginning with early childhood education and through to promoting accessibility to higher education.

We wish to make a change in all aspects of the school, and already we’ve seen a welcome change in the scholastic atmosphere, in the students’ feeling of confidence and belonging, and in the development of new programs for excellence. Furthermore, we plan to open up a scientific-technological class, and an art class dedicated to various artistic media. Both tracks will have a curriculum enabling students to take the matriculation exams in their chosen fields. We also plan to create attractive “study corners” throughout the school, as well as leisure and sports areas for students’ benefit and enjoyment.

The more students from the city’s middle schools enrol in our high school, the faster our high school will develop into a high quality, prestigious educational institution. A larger number of students in each age group will enable us to provide a wider variety of study courses, as well as invest more resources in developing academic excellence programs and other advanced educational programs.

We are confident that with all relevant bodies working together and joining forces – quality staff; a Network standing for progress in education; a strong, supportive City Hall; and a Ministry of Education that places a premium on education – the result will undoubtedly be a surprising bright future for all.

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Contact info: Darca High School - Netivot

The school principal: Yosi Abergel

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P.O.B 332, 913 Kiryat Menahem, netivot