Darca High School – Netivot

Darca Yitzhak Navon High School has one main objective: to turn the school into one of the best schools in the region.

Our school works to promote excellence on the one hand, and to narrow learning gaps on the other hand. We strive to bring change to the school, and this year there is already a more positive school atmosphere, an increased sense of security among students, and the development of new excellence programs.

In the past two years, Nachshon program classrooms have been established, aimed at leadership and educational excellence. Two new science majors have been added to the school curriculum: computer science and physics. We have bolstered cooperation with the Pre-Atidim program in order to leverage excellence and encourage some of our students to pursue the IDF Atuda program, which allows deferring military service in order to obtain a university degree. In the next few years, we intend to invest in learning spaces throughout the school as well as leisure and sports areas for the benefit and well-being of our students.

We believe that increased student enrollment from feeder schools in the city will accelerate our transformation into a high-quality, prestigious school. A large number of students in each grade level will increase our ability to provide students with a rich variety of studies and invest more in developing advanced educational programs.

Recently, the school was named after the late Yitzhak Navon. In accordance with his vision and spirit, we have taken it upon ourselves to promote social action, tolerance and contribution to the community, as well as meaningful service in the IDF, and a strong Jewish identity. We are confident that combining forces  – of a professional faculty, parental leadership, a network that symbolizes progress in education, a strong and supportive municipality, and an Education Ministry that make our school a priority – will lead us to a new and surprising destination.


We are confident that with all relevant bodies working together and joining forces – quality staff; a Network standing for progress in education; a strong, supportive City Hall; and a Ministry of Education that places a premium on education – the result will undoubtedly be a surprising bright future for all.

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Contact info: Darca Yitzhak Navon High School, Netivot

The school principal: Yosi Abergel

School Secretariat:



P.O.B 332, 913 Kiryat Menahem, netivot