Darca Druze High School for Science and Leadership – Yarka

Especially designed for talented youth who wish to succeed and excel both as students and as human beings with a commitment to ethical values
The idea to establish a unique school aimed at high academic achievements leading to excellence and leadership, one of its kind in the Druze sector, came about in view of alarming reports about the current state of education in this sector: Low educational level, poor academic achievements and a low number of attending students – the lowest in proportion to the numbers of Druze population in the country; and the need to increase the number of university students in scientific fields and the more prestigious academic faculties.
The forum of the heads of Druze local authorities in the years 2000-2001 took this decision, based on the consent of the Prime Minister’s Office and with the blessing of the Ministry of Education, which allocated funds for the new building from the ministry’s development budget earmarked for the Druze sector. This school nurtures its students and encourages them to aim for high achievements, thus paving their way to higher education, while providing them with ethics and value-based education that will also contribute to their leadership skills.

The school accepts students who have completed 9th grade and passed the entrance exams. The school emphasizes first and foremost a value-based education, and affords equal opportunities to all students with high abilities and a strong drive for success. All this in a school framework that promises a pleasant, positive atmosphere, and a high-quality educational and social framework that ensures healthy development. The school offers its students high level education (5 study units for Israeli matriculation exams, similar to 5 credits) in all main subjects: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Mathematics, plus a choice when it comes to scientific and technological subjects:
Choice of primary science subject: Physics, chemistry, biology.
Choice of secondary science-technology subject: Computer science and advanced technology; health science; industrial engineering & management. Enables students to submit a final project equal to five credits.
As of the 2009-2010 school year, all students take a study unit on leadership, to be included in the matriculation certificate. The school focuses on developing and strengthening educational, social, cultural and universal values, with the aim of educating young people to independent thought, while expecting students to approach their studies and the school in a serious, responsible way, thus paving their way to leadership.

The school aspires to combine talent, creativity and curiosity and the willingness to apply oneself and work hard, and so reach commendable achievements. Success in the matriculation exams is not an objective in and of itself, but a means to improve students’ chances of being accepted to the best institutions of higher learning.

Therefore, this unique school is designed for students who are willing to make an effort, contribute to and enjoy the supportive environment, and work hard at home too; it is for students who aspire to succeed, excel, and continue to academic studies.

The school also offers its students extra-curricular activities, such as:
  • YES – Youth Exchange and Study
  • Young physics instructors
  • Science “Olympics” – competitions in math, chemistry, physics and more
  • Michael program (acronym for “making the most of one’s skills for excellence” )
  • Young business leadership project
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Contact info: Darca Druze High School for Science and Leadership - Yarka

The school principal: Kamil Shela

School Secretariat:



P.O.B 3183 Yarka 24967

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