Ben Shemen youth village

Ben Shemen is more than just an educational institution. Since 1927, we have impacted thousands of lives. Ben Shemen is renowned for its long tradition of student centered education. Our graduates have gone on to become prominent contributors to society both in Israel and abroad.  We are proud to include among them new immigrants from the world over.

Currently Ben Shemen is home to more than 400 children and youth ages 6-21.  Ben Shemen as a home to its children and youth residents provides for all of their needs – a bed, meals, individual support, social and educational enrichment and more. However, the village is more than just an educational institution. From the youngest child in our children’s home, to our graduates currently serving in the IDF.

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Contact info: כפר הנוער בן שמן

The school principal: Oshra Alfasi

School Secretariat:



Ben Shemen, Israel 7311200

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