Bait V’Gan Darca High School – Bat Yam

The Bayit VaGan Education Center – where values and excellence meet.

Values and faith.

We, at the Bayit VaGan-Darca Education Center instill in our female students our core values of Torah, Eretz-Israel, hard work and active involvement in society.

Recognizing the significance of this crossroad in a young person’s life, where her personality and sense of self are shaped; and understanding the magnitude of our commitment, we emphasize religious practice and faith in our teachings.

Social responsibility

We operate under the firm conviction that life is a meaningful mission; and with a deep belief in the importance of giving, social activism and enterprise. We want our graduates to become tolerant, respectful and caring adults, who will play an important role in Israel as a Jewish and democratic society.

Personal excellence

We believe that a drive for excellence is part of a worthy way of life, so we strive to instill it in our students. Being young women, we feel that we must fortify their faith in their ability to break the glass ceiling and go as far – and reach as high – as they can and want. We believe that education is the only way to close the gaps and allow all children to start life’s race from an equal launching pad.

Innovation in education

As part of the Bayit VaGan-Darca Education Center’s perception of innovation in education, employing a deep and multi-dimensional thinking process, we are currently working on a strategic, long-term master plan to advance the institutionalized educational system.

Our goals

  • To increase matriculation eligibility percentage
  • To achieve a quality matriculation certificate
  • To develop and nurture excellence programs suitable to 21st century occupation needs and oportunities.

Practically speaking

We believe that activist educational pedagogy is generated by experimental learning.

This includes:

  • Learning based on research, alternative evaluation and meaning;
  • Interaction with the student’s inner world;
  • Instilling values and skills suitable to the 21st century and encouraging self and professional fulfillment;
  • Critical and initiative pedagogical creativity that motivates meaningful learning with curiosity and enjoyment;
  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – including tablet, smart boards, etc.;
  • Academic liaisons with universities/the Technion/the Weizmann Institute/SNRC;
  • Enrichment programs: industrial proficiency/courtroom enrichment sessions/ financial management etc.
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Contact info: Bait V'Gan Darca High School

The school principal: Tobi Barak

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Ha'rav Kook 7, Bat Yam