Students of the twelfth grade marked their graduation ceremonies

Students of the twelfth grade marked their graduation ceremonies with a special and exciting evening which took place at the school in the presence of parents, teachers, representatives of Darca and representatives of the municipality. During the course of the evening, the students presented clips and expressed words of thanks to the educational staff which accompanied them during the course of their six years of education in the school as well as to the principal of the school, Mr. Eitan Strassberg, for his support, assistance and faith in each student. The event marked the completion of an additional class cycle finishing its studies in the school with 100% matriculation eligibility!

During the course of the event, the graduates received gifts, a present from the Darca Network and the Kiryat Shmona Municipality, speeches were made by representatives of the parents, the class educator, the school principal, and a representative of the Darca Network. The students’ teachers also prepared a special video in which each of them blessed the class graduates on the completion of their studies and their continuation on to service in the IDF.

The school principal, Mr. Eitan Strassberg: “The main message from the graduates’ term of studies at Yeshivatit Darca Hamatmid is the students’ as the educational staff’s faith in the ability to succeed, to meet objectives which are not simple and not to give up. The educational staff dealt not only with educating the students, but also learned a thing or two itself about faith. It is important for me to give thanks at this exciting point in time to Rabbi David, the class educator, as well as the educational staff which accompanied the students to the finish line with great success.”

The CEO of Darca, Dr. Gil Pereg: “The Darca Network has accompanied the school in the last three years and invests great resources in the advancement of excellence and the core values of the State of Israel in the school in collaboration with the members of the municipal leadership headed by the mayor, Rabbi Nissim Malka, and the manager of the education division, Ms. Tammy Levy. The Darca Network thanks the principal of the school, Mr. Eitan Strassberg, because of whose leadership and endless dedication to the school, and because of his marching alongside the dedicated education staff, succeeded in bringing the students to this important and exciting moment and to an impressive matriculation rate of 100%.”

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