the Sigad holiday

At Ulpanit Darca Kiryat Shmona, they marked the Sigad holiday, one of the holidays of Beta Israel (daughters of Israel). The special activity took place while connecting to the significant meanings of the day of purification and renewal, which are anticipation and longing for the Land of Israel, and the goal of giving a platform for the student leaders who are immigrants from Ethiopia.

On Friday, during the school’s welcoming of the Sabbath, the Ulpanit’s rabbi, Rabbi Yehuda Ochion, taught about the important significance of this day and the new month prayers for the Hebrew month of Kislev were dedicated to the holiday. The girls taught their friends a song in Amharic about the longing for Jerusalem as well as a special dance, all of which created a happy atmosphere of true acceptance and sharing. The school principal, Naphtali Krauss, emphasized: “I feel that this is a special privilege for us at the Ulpanit to take part in this important mission of immigrant absorption. True connections are created here between the Israeli girls and the immigrant girls, and we all benefit.”

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