A graduation ceremony for the “Skies Are Not the Limit” course by the Taasi-Yeda, in cooperation with the Space-IL Foundation

At the Mada-Tech in Haifa, they held a graduation ceremony for the “Skies Are Not the Limit” course by the Taasi-Yeda, in cooperation with the Space-IL Foundation. This was done in the framework of a worldwide competition for the landing of a spaceship on the moon.

The “Skies Are Not the Limit” course took pace during the last school year in the post-primary Darca SHAKED School, financed and initiated by the Darca Network, and in the framework of which the students in the seventh grade were exposed to the space field in a broad manner, as well as to the challenges of the Space-IL Foundation which is on its way towards achieving the goal of landing an unmanned Israeli spaceship on the moon.

The students taking part in the course were asked to suggest solutions to one of the challenges presented to them and five of them offered a responsive solution to the problem of moon dust which may cause failures in the various systems and interfere with the quality of the pictures taken on the moon – and on the evening of the graduation they were informed that their suggestion won first place in the competition which took place between all of the schools taking part in the project.

The students – Ilai Brinner, Avi Singer, Chen Madar, Gilad Kuperman and Noam Ruby – invested a lot of time in research before making the winning suggestion which included copper panels and a RXF1 coating which withstands the conditions of space and was developed by NASA.

In the competition that took place at Mada-Tech, 30 groups participated from all over the State of Israel, and who presented their solutions by means of a miniaturized model of the product along with a presentation. The staff of judges was made up of notable figures in science and industry including the CEO of Space-IL, Dr. Eran Privman.

The principal of the post-secondary Darca SHAKED school, Mr. Boaz Shwartz: “We are proud and excited, given the students having won this important competition, a win which is the fruit of investment and great effort. Many thanks to the Darca Network, because of which we have a new first-class educational project.”

The CEO of Darca, Dr. Gil Pereg, added: “The Darca Network is proud of this respectable achievement by the students, who demonstrated thinking and dedication throughout the entire year. Darca invested in this project from a belief in its importance and its educational contribution to the students of the Darca SHAKED High School, and this in addition to the resources and professional accompaniment provided by the network for this second straight year. Darca shall continue to accompany the school on its path to educational and learning excellence on which it is currently marching, at the leadership of the principal of the school, Mr. Boaz Schwartz and in full cooperation with the leadership of Emek Hama’ayanot.”

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