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Darca Danciger School was established in the early 1960s, as the only comprehensive high school in town. Over the years, Darca Danciger High made a name for itself, mainly thanks to its graduates, who succeeded in their chosen professions and did well in a wide range of important corporate and organizational positions throughout the country, bringing with them the high quality typical of this school’s graduates.
The school’s vision has always focused on promoting the young people of Kiryat Shmona, equipping them with tools for success that reflects values and good manners.
At Darca Danciger we believe that every student has the potential to succeed; it is up to the school staff to make available to every student his own personal path to success. Whatever study track students choose, they will receive assistance, guidance, support and nurturing, just like in a family.
Social involvement at Danciger is not merely a catch-phrase but a way of life. The school aspires to be involved in Kiryat Shmona community life, inter alia through implementing educational programs aimed at increasing awareness and a proactive attitude such as A Volunteering School and Active Civics. In addition to encouraging personal volunteering, we also uphold a tradition of class activities for the benefit of the community, especially on holidays and religious festivals. Rather than settling for personal volunteer work and charity, we try to impart to our students a deeper acquaintance with Israeli society and values of social justice.

Danciger High School is proud to be a Zionist educational institution, championing the link to Jewish culture and practicing it as the basis of the school’s educational activity. The school community comprises students from a variety of backgrounds in terms of their attitude to their Jewish identity. Through classes in Jewish Thought, we attempt to nurture a link with Jewish tradition and turn Jewish culture into something relevant to students, something they can identify with even in the 21st century.
The fact that dozens of students from families related to the Army of South Lebanon study in this school adds a welcome variety and encourages productive dialogue and a pluralistic approach among students, teachers and parents. Seminars and study days convey the message that, beyond success in the matriculation exams, we wish to bring up graduates imbued with values, culture, and caring about society and the environment.
Social education at Darca Danciger is pivotal in the school’s routine. Through annual school trips, students get to know various parts of Israel, strengthening their attachment to their home land. In the higher grades we prefer overnight trips that include sleeping in nature, enhancing a spirit of oneness with nature and the environment. The Student Council at school is an energetic body that contributes much to the school.

With the collaboration of the student councils of the various age groups, we carry out social evenings as well as activities during recess, with the aim of turning the school into a place that’s pleasant to be in, both during and after school hours.
The secret of the success of the Darca Danciger family lies in our deep concern for each and every student, and our belief that the student’s success is both important to us and vital for the student.

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