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Darca Schools – making a difference in the periphery

Darca network is a High School network which was founded with the support and the encouragement of the Ministry of Education in Israel in order to strengthen the schools in Israel's geo-social periphery and support them on their way to becoming high quality institutions of post-primary education.

Darca network includes schools from diverse communities in the Israeli society and which caters to strengthen the country's social fabric. The network is accompanied by a public council which includes leading intellectuals and educators in the Israeli society.

Bagrut Rates

Darca schools vs. National Average

Bagrut Rates

Darca schools vs. Large Affluent Communities

Darca in the community

Darca currently operates in 27 schools and 2 learning centers throughout Israel’s north, center and south regions. Darca combines quality education with advanced educational methods, a learning environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, and educational work based on imparting social values of leadership and responsibility to the community.

Darca's way

The driving idea behind the founding of this network was to strengthen the schools in Israel’s geo-social periphery and support them on their way to becoming high quality institutions of post-primary education. The Darca network caters to Israel’s highly diverse communities, with the aim of strengthening the country’s social fabric.

Darca leads a change

The network aspires to excellence in pedagogy and education, to promoting values and nurturing a positive school atmosphere.
The pedagogical aims include the desire to educate students to meaningful learning and encourage them to grow into creative, thinking individuals with a thirst for knowledge. In terms of social values education, emphasis is upon social involvement, an affinity with the State of Israel, good citizenship, the values of democracy; and enhancing Jewish-Israeli identity.
To achieve these goals, we put to the best possible use the resources of knowledge and professionalism of the Ministry of Education, with the support of additional bodies.

Visit Darca

The Darca Network is size and substance, adding activities and providing educational opportunities in more Israeli communities. We invite you to visit one of our schools, and see the educational initiative in action and change happening. Partners who choose to become a part of this long and valuable journey will have a great, wide spread impact on the future of tens of thousands of Israeli students.

To coordinate a meeting and a tour, mail darca@darca.org.il or call 972-8-3146702.